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Blended Oils

Come to Me Oil

Used to attract a lover. Use equal parts of the following;



Business Success Oil

Use with spells to increase your business or carry stones or other objects annointed with the oil. Blend in equal parts.

High John the Conqueror
Balm of Gilead


Reveal Truth Oil

To reveal the truth of situation so it can be resolved.

patchouli  2 parts
honeysuckle  2 parts
sage  1 part
Balm of Gilead  1 part



Used as an aid to meditiation, you'll want this to be a personal blend. Start some charcoal before mixing the incense. Add a little of each ingredient to the base powder and burn a pinch. Experiment with mixture until the scent suits you.


 Perfect Mate Incense

To attract the perfect mate for you at this time in your life.

red sandalwood  3 parts
patchouli   2 parts
orris root 1 part
dragon's blood  1 part
lemmongrass  1 part




Full Moon Water

This is easy! Every Full Moon take a jar or bottle of water outside and set it where the light of the Full Moon will shine on it. Leave it there as long as the Moon is out. Ask the Goddess to bless the water with Her light and love. Now take the jar and close it tightly. Keep it to use in all rituals and spells that require water. When the next Full Moon comes, pour the remaining water in the grass or a garden (don't pour it down the drain!), and repeat the process.

Psychic Tea

3 parts Rose Petals
2 parts Thyme
2 parts Yarrow
1 part Cinnamon
1 part Clove

Brew in boiling water for about ten minutes. Strain and add honey for taste if needed, do not add cream or milk. Use before divination psychic work, and astral travel to enhance the awareness.

Healing Cream

Good for sores and pulled muscles


carrier oil
your favorite essential oil
crystal energy (a liquid that aids our cell's ability to retain water)
spring water
sea salt
dried, ground sage
8- hour cream

Mix 1 part spring water to 2 parts crystal energy along with 5 part essential oil and 20 part carrier oil. add a pinch of sage and a pinch of salt. mix solution with a half carmex half 8-hour cream content. bless under a full moon for 1 night.